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Restoring Your Credit

MoneyWiseJan 19, 2022

If your credit looks bad, Rob West says there are ways to restore it. However, they are not quick and you don't need any company to do it for you.

God’s Part With Howard Dayton

MoneyWiseJan 19, 2022

God created, owns and controls everything, right down to the change in your pocket. We certainly have a part in managing those resources, but so does God. Rob talks about that with Howard Dayton.

The Scholarship Hunt

MoneyWiseJan 18, 2022

Paying for college can be some of the smartest money you’ll ever spend but wouldn’t it be great if someone else picked up part of the tab? Rob talks about how, each year, nearly $8 billion in scholarships goes out to 1.7 million students.

How To Cancel a Credit Card

MoneyWiseJan 18, 2022

If you are thinking of cancelling a credit card, Rob West has some steps for you to consider before you pull the trigger.

Job Interview Tips

MoneyWiseJan 17, 2022

Preparation is the key to nailing a job interview. If you’re looking for a new job, here's how to be ready for anything.

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