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7 Money Lies Teenagers Believe with Art Rainer

MoneyWiseSep 25, 2021

Art Rainer joins us today to talk about 7 money lies teenagers are believing these days and to arm you with the truth.

Finding Lost Money

MoneyWiseSep 24, 2021

Losing your car keys is frustrating but losing an insurance policy or an inheritance can be financially devastating. We all lose stuff but would you believe that each year, assets totaling millions go missing? Rob talks about how to find them first.

The Sin of Envy

MoneyWiseSep 24, 2021

Advertisers spend billions to make you want what others have. Rob West points out that is what the Bible calls "envy" and it's a sin, not a virtue!

Finding Lost Insurance or Inheritance Money

MoneyWiseSep 24, 2021

Assets totaling millions of dollars go missing each year--could some of it be yours?

Rules for Money

MoneyWiseSep 23, 2021

To achieve financial health and stability, you need to follow certain rules. Rob West shares a few of these "money rules" to help you become a wise and faithful steward.

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