December 7th

Also - why not show the cents? The totals from the categorized envelopes are rounded … when I total these it $1 less than the total in my account. But when I total them manually with their ACTUALS .. it is = to the ACTUAL amount in my checking account. This would be a great fix! Or even seeing the total balance of all envelopes somewhere on main screen. Everyone coming from mvelopes is hell bent on $0 based budgeting to cent lol. Love this app thank you so much!
J Mooner

December 7th

Wow, glad you posted that. We are Mvelopes users for the past 11 years and are very stressed out trying to learn a new app in such a short time, and I started looking right away. The recommended app was horrible for many reasons. I'm hoping MoneyWise will be much better. Just searching for complete instructions, videos would help.

December 8th

For both of you, I highly recommend you use the Support features. I too am a long time Mvelopes user. One thing that Mvelopes was not good at was customer support. MoneyWise is AWESOME. So if you using the web browser you simply click on the discussion icon on the top right of your screen. From that screen you can submit a support question or schedule a 30 mins coaching meeting. I have submitted several questions and have had two meetings. They are responsive and the two ladies I have met with --Julia and Joan -- were really helpful. The discussion board has also been good to get quick answers on functionality and how-to.
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