December 7th

Thanks for your question. Transactions typically update multiple times per day, but it varies depending on the institution and their agreements with Plaid. When you click the refresh button it simply syncs the account with Plaid’s latest data - it does not request new data from your bank as that is dependent on Plaid’s update frequency with the bank. I hope that helps!

December 7th

Can you encourage plaid to change that? Most other vendors we can click sync and get the most up to date. I am often days behind on capital one and chase is very slow too. Slower than any other app I tried.

December 8th

I’m experiencing similar lag. It’s odd that some FinTech companies can have a more rapid/on-demand connection but Plaid is more intermittent.

December 8th

For Reference: I am running both MoneyWise and another app simultaneously. The other app has retrieved 16 transactions since Dec. 5th that have not yet "arrived" in MoneyWise --16! Thats seems like a problem. It may not be an issue for everyone, but I imagine for some its hard to make wise financial decisions when the information you are counting on to guide you isn't trustworthy, because you run several days behind on retrieving transactions.

December 9th

I second this, @ahawkins. Plaid seems very slow. It's also frustrating that the "refresh" button doesn't refresh the Plaid side. In fact, I've never seen "refresh" pull in anything new, so what's the point? I know what they say it does, but if the problem is always on the Plaid > Bank side, it seems like it creates false hope that you can get new transactions. It definitely seems inconsistent and ... slow.

December 13th

I haven't seen any transactions from a card I use daily in 7 days. My other accounts are all several days behind as well. This transition from Mvelopes is tough but I leaning towards going without anything after reading all the comments that this is the best when it comes to Mvelopes users :(

December 14th

@JusticeRider if the account is not reporting any error, you should report the account to support. If there is an error try reconnecting first.

December 14th

Another Mvelope migrated user - I am also frustrated with the transaction retrieval process. Is this being worked on with Plaid? Mvelopes had their own issues but this was not one of them. @AHawkins is right, with significant delays in transactions coming in, how are we supposed to make good financial decisions with DAYS of delays. Please let us know what is being done.

December 22nd

Ditto on all the above. Another Mvelopes user (REALLY going to miss it). LOVE Goodbudget but it doesn't auto-sync accounts.
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